Oren Klaff talks to Julia Frank, from PlantX

She came from BMW to run PLANTX, a plant based-foods company which is growing fast. Most podcast interviews will give a CEO like Julia a “pass” because she’s doing “good”, helping people and is passionate about her work.

Why rock the boat? But I decided to push her buttons to find out if plant based foods is just niche industry, and why it seems like “Plant Based-anything is on fire right now”. She fires back at me punch for punch when I test the basic premise of what is actually healthy for modern humans to eat, and as I try to understand the numbers underneath PLANTX’s fast growth.

Join in and watch the fun.

A little bit on Julia Frank: She is an experienced Marketing, Brand and Business Development Manager, who has worked multiple years for companies like BMW and Daimler in Germany. She is holding an MBA as well as a Masters Degree in Digital Entrepreneurship and has successfully set up brand & company strategies. As the face of PlantX, Julia focuses on a healthy and active lifestyle, loves to cook plant-based recipes and travels the world to experience as many different cultures as possible.