6,500 Square-Foot Vegan Food Hall Comes to Chicago This August

PlantX has announced its partnership with the Macromia Group to finalize the construction and operation of PlantX‘s innovative XMarket Vegan Food Hall in Chicago. The Macromia Group is a renowned restaurant developer specializing in creating high-end dining and retail locations from concept to fruition.

Innovative Concept in the Heart of Uptown

Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood will soon be home to the impressive 6,500 square foot food hall. The establishment will feature a central bar offering vegan bar food and wine pairings from VeganWines.com. In addition, there will be a bodega-style grocery store, complete with a cheesemonger provided by Good Planet. The XMarket Vegan Food Hall will showcase six distinct culinary concepts, including a coffee roaster featuring PlantX’s very own Portfolio Coffee.

Chicago’s Vegan and Health-Conscious Community

The decision to establish the XMarket Vegan Food Hall in Chicago stems from the city’s emergence as one of the largest vegan and health-conscious communities in North America. PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin, expressed excitement about introducing their all-in-one vegan food hall concept to this vibrant community. Rapkin stated, “Chicago has emerged as one of the largest vegan and health-conscious communities in North America, making it an ideal location to introduce our all-in-one vegan food hall concept. In collaboration with Macromia, the master in developing premium concepts that have garnered both a loyal following and critical acclaim, we are planning an amazing culinary experience that will set the standard for food halls for vegans and non-vegans alike. We’re excited for our opening which is only two months away!”

Collaboration with Macromia Group

Macromia CEO Barre Tanguis also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the transformational impact of PlantX on the vegan lifestyle. Tanguis said, “PlantX is redefining the vegan lifestyle, transforming vegan food and beverage from an afterthought to the main attraction. We are eager to work with the PlantX team to help bring their vision of Chicago’s largest vegan food hall to life for vegans, vegetarians, and health-conscious consumers in the Windy City, all in one vibrant location.”

Soft Launch and Grand Opening Plans

The PlantX team is currently planning a soft launch on August 23, with a grand opening scheduled for Labor Day Weekend. This eagerly anticipated event will mark the official unveiling of the XMarket Vegan Food Hall, offering an unparalleled culinary experience for vegans and non-vegans alike in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.