Plant Base Food Company Ready For Explosive Growth In 2021


Beyond Meat leader in the plant base market.

PlantX Life enormous growth and massive potential.

PlantX application Uplisting to the NASDAQ.

Beyond Meat Inc stock (NASDAQ: BYND), a leading edge food company that produces meat directly from plants – an innovation that provides taste and texture of animal-based meat products along with nutritional benefits of plant-based products – has seen its stock rise by over 65% in the last one year. With a market cap of almost $8 billion, the stock now trades close to 19x projected 2020 revenues, despite the fact that the company is likely to post losses this year as well. Does this make the stock expensive considering the recent volatility in the stock price? Probably not, considering that revenues are likely to grow almost 3x by 2023, with net income turning positive in 2021 and growing steadily thereafter, generating continued returns for shareholders.

People in today’s age often choose plant-based products over man-made ones, and it is purely understandable. Around a century ago, corporations started cashing in on “artificial foods” and desserts and it was not until a few decades ago, when consumers started realizing that sugar and other carbohydrates are really bad for our beloved bodies.

The natural/organic foods movement has then officially begun. Institutions started raising public awareness about many of the man-made foods being dangerous to our health if consumed in large (and not so large) quantities.

Today, more people than ever before, practice healthy routines and diets of different kinds. Movements arose around such diets as vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, Atkins, and much more. Almost all of them focus on removing carbs and introducing more organic and natural foods with high nutritional value.

Businesses, of course, started taking advantage of this, despite carbs and sugar being highly addictive. Companies like Whole Foods rose to the top, putting even more pressure on refined food producers.

In the age on internet and e-commerce, consumers have more choice than ever before and that is hell-of-a good thing. Although many tend to use services like UberEats to order some burgers, there is a wholly new market of e-commerce health foods.

One notable organic foods internet player is a Canadian public company called PlantX Life, trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol CNSX: VEGA OTCQB: OTCQB:PLTXF . It was founded 10 years ago, in 2011 and has been gaining quite a lot of traction ever since – hundreds of thousands of health enthusiasts visit and browse the e-commerce plant-based food store every month.

PlantX’s goal is to make plant-based foods cool, accessible and simple to make great meals out of. Although it’s a Canadian company, the majority of its operations take place in the US, which is superb, knowing how vast the market is in, say, Los Angeles or New York and beyond. When nature meets business, it’s not always a great thing for nature, however, this case is different. PlantX encourages people get out there (travel, grow something themselves) and remember that all the nutrition one needs can be found in nature.

In terms of growing something yourself, PlantX ships you plants to take care of and see them rise from nothing. Also, one can find dozens of types of organic juices that are actually good. People lose their minds over that website ( PlantX Life is one truly large player in the health foods industry online: Not only do Canadians enjoy their healthy deliveries on a daily basis, but Americans do too. A lot of them.

As it is a public company, investors are also interested in having their money under the organic pillow. The stock of CNSX: VEGA OTCQB: OTCQB:PLTXF started going nuts in the beginning of 2020 and had reached its peak on October 23rd at 2.20 CAD. Before that, it was trading at around 50 cents per share.

Recently, PlantX OTCQB: OTCQB:PLTXF filed to list equity on the NASDAQ stock exchange as the company has reached record growth in gross revenue in December, 2020. If (or when) the listing goes through, there is no telling what will happen to the company. It will probably grow from a relatively small-cap to mid-to-large-cap stock. Many investors are very optimistic about this company and see quite a bright future for health foods play in e-commerce.

PlantX has over 20,000 unique products on its website – which makes it clear why people spend so much time on it scrolling, discovering new foods. The company is often crushing its competitors by offering consumers super-low prices.

2 weeks ago, in the very beginning of 2021, the news came out that PlantX just successfully bought Score Enterprises Ltd., a British Colombian holding company of places like The Locavore Bar & Grill. This will create a 100% plant-based brick and mortar store. Just few days ago, the company reported another partnership with Vancouver’s Upmeals to excel in deliveries. This will truly help the PlantX teams deal with its subscription-based service.

People are ordering food to their homes, and, the majority of them care what they will swallow afterwards. Companies like PlantX Life really take the cake in terms of their business model, customer service and deliveries. Many e-commerce businesses tend to make some great flaws with at least one of these necessities for successful day-to-day operations.

PlantX offers very cool packages for newbies when they first visit the company’s website. Its “Vegan Plant-Based Starter Kit” is a great way to get new customers “addicted” to their website. This often comes down to the great leadership and creativity of a company – someone has to make great decisions to make a difference in this oversaturated internet world. These exact kinds of decisions are made by the creatives at PlantX Life. That’s how the company is able to be appealing to both retail and institutional investors; both one-time and recurring customers.

Growing plants during the pandemic is another activity that has surged in popularity in the recent months – PlantX Life capitalized on that really well. Consumers can either order ready-to-eat plant-based meals, or groceries to finish their favorite recipe. Drinks is another great section on the company’s website – not only can people order the aforementioned tasty organic juices, but also, milk alternatives to start their day. Tea, coffee and other drinks are also great.


To sum up, PlantX Life  CNSX: VEGA OTCQB: OTCQB:PLTXF is a majestic plant-based foods e-commerce brand that tends to beat niche competition year-by-year. Its success comes from great strategic partnerships, acquisitions, amazing customer-care, organic foods movement, likable team and brand and the ability to float in new market waters as if they belong there.

It is worth taking a closer look at this sleeping giant, it would be unfortunate to miss a great opportunity, especially at an early stage. Being listed on NASDAQ is a really big deal, so, a lot more potential investors will be seeing this company more often. Health foods market is increasing in value each year and there is not much anyone can do to stop it.